Preventing Hunger and Homelessness Together

Suburban Poverty is real – and on the rise.
In the past decade, suburban poverty has outstripped its urban counterpart, with the poor population rising almost five times faster than in large cities.* The growth also challenges the misconception that poverty is only an inner city problem. The fact remains that suburban poverty has always existed, and it’s on the rise today.  

Could you choose between food and rent?
People right in your neighborhood have to make hard choices like this every day. An unexpected job loss or injury can result in homelessness and hunger if someone is not there to stand in the gap during times of trouble.

Helping those in need is more than just handing out food.
It’s about prevention and stabilization, and it takes an integrated effort of multiple services. Besides the help of food services, families may need financial assistance, transportation services, support for children’s needs and other social services.

Introducing an Alliance to Fight Suburban Poverty
For over 30 years these nine community based organizations have been providing comprehensive basic needs services to suburban individuals and families in Hennepin County. Collectively these organizations served over 70,000 people in 2009 with over 400,000 services, covering 65% of the county population. Our mission is to raise awareness of suburban poverty and bring communities together to widen the safety net beyond urban boundaries.